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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kindergarten Storybook Parade

Tyler's school has a "Storybook Parade", where the kids dress like characters from their favorite books and march around the school.  I guess they do this in lieu of a Halloween Parade, to not offend those families that do not celebrate Halloween.  I had a lot of ideas for Tyler's costume, based on the books we read at bedtime.  But, the only one I could pull together quickly with things I could find in either Target of the Michaels and JoAnne's was "Thing One" from the book The Cat in the Hat. The pants, long sleeved turtleneck and gloves were from Target, the Thing One t-shirt was already in Tyler's closet and the "wig" (no it's not a pimp hat) was made from a foam hat that I painted blue and a blue feather boa that I hot glued in a coil around the hat.  So, it "semi-homemade", I'm like the Sandra Lee of quicky costumes!

Tyler was BEYOND excited to put on his costume this morning!  Here is at home waiting for the bus.

After I got him onto the bus, I got myself ready and then headed over the school to watch the parade.  One problem, torrential downpour!  They moved all the parents into the teensy cafeteria and let the kids parade around in there.  It was a little cramped and some of the parents were rude and made it difficult to get a good shot of your kid, but the kids looked so cute and so HAPPY.  These are some of the best things about being a parent, seeing your kids do the things that you remember fondly from your own childhood.

Could he be any cuter???  We've been having so much fun getting ready for Halloween this year.  Both kids have their Halloween parade at daycare tomorrow.  I think they will both be pirate, but am not positive yet.  Carer came home yesterday saying that he no longer wanted to be a pirate, he wanted to be Batman.  I can promise you he will not be Batman, but can I convince him to wear the pirate costume?  We shall see.  Bwaaa hah hah hah!!!

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