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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Love is in the Air!

Happy 2 year anniversary to my "sista from another mista" (my sister-in-law) Adrienne and her super terrific hubby, Mike. I thought I was all cool and wished her a happy anny yesterday, only to find out I was a day too early! You would never believe I was her Matron-of-Honor. Well, the truth is, she made me stand up and give a speech at her reception and I have never recovered from it!

So, in honor of this special day, I would like to share a page I made about a month ago celebrating the total awesomeness and absolute cuteness of this amazing couple! Most items came from the May (i think) 2009 Scarlet Lime kit. i love the bright, cheery colors of these Scarlet Lime exclusive pictures.

Hope you guys enjoy your anniversary. Hope I didn't interrupt!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Take Two! Tyler's 6th Day of Kindergarten

So I wasn't in town for Ty's 1st day of kindergarten. Mommy had to leave for a conference in Orlando the day before. So, I decided to take our "1st Day of School" pictures this morning before the bus came...before the sun came up. I'm not too sure if I like how they came out, so maybe we'll have a take 3 this weekend!

How was Ty's 1st week you ask? It was great! His teacher is Ms. Genovese ("Nenoves" as Ty calls her) and we are also lucky to have an aid, Ms. Robinson, in the class to help Tyler out. I met with them both last Friday and they both were very attentive to my concerns for Tyler and helping him have a successful school year. After his first day, he came home with an "A+" on his coloring work. Watch out Bill Gates! I am going to his open house tomorrow night.
While we are on the topic of learning, Tyler apparently knows how to use a computer! Dan went to pick the boys up from daycare and Tyler was playing a counting game on one of the computers in the media center. He asked Dan to go get Carter 1st and then come back for him. Umm, I didn't teach him how to use a computer...my only computer is my work laptop...no sticky fingers touching my computer! Dan had pretty much the same response. So, it MUST be from daycare. And people say daycare isn't good for kids??? I can admit that most of the things my kids have learned have been from daycare and preschool.

Can You Hear Me?!?!

Wow, I was scanning through my blog yesterday and noticed a few comments from a couple of nice gals. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such nice comments. You both made my day, seriously! Hopefully, you will check back again!
Here's a page of my boys from a few years ago that I just got around to scrapping. The photo mat, strip of paper down the left side and all the embellishments are from the August 2010 Scarlet Lime Frugal Fab kit. The other papers, letters and border strip are from my own stash.
Ignore the blurriness of the title. It happens because the page is scanned and the heart embellishment is raises up, so it it in focus and whatever is near it is blurred. i don't know how to correct it. :(

Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's Raining, it's Pouring, the Old Man is Snoring!

DO you remember this song? I used to sing it when I was little if I wanted to play outside at camp but it was too rainy to go outside. I used to stand at the window singing it. Today was a cloudy day, that threatened rain several times with lots of rumbling thunder in the background. Finally around dinner time, it started to POUR! Buckets of water! Daddy decided tonight's rainstorm was a great opportunity to get the kids all tuckered out (Carter napped for 3.5 hours today). They were soaked, but had a wonderful time. Our neighbors were probably wondering what all the shrieking was about!

Sunday's Naptime Creations

I finished two pages while the kiddos were napping. I'd say that plus two loads of laundry equals a pretty productive few hours! Today, I felt like scrapping some older photos from 1999 and 2000. "Shark Valley" has pictures from a 15 mile bike ride in the Florida Everglades that Dan and I did together while in Florida on vacation. They gave us these old, rusted, broken down bikes to ride, but we were young n' buff back then so we made it without incident. Unfortunately, we didn't see any alligators either. I was so happy to have had this bicycle paper on hand, from the Bo Bunny "Sun Kissed" Collection. It was a little too feminine to use for the boys, but any picture with me in it is fair game to kick up the girly factor! All of the papers used are from that line as well as the chipboard embellies. I sprinkled in a little "Bayberry Cottage" from Pink Paislee ("valley" and gem brads), and of course had to use some American Crafts Thickers ("shark").

I also scrapped a beloved picture of my Mom and her good friend Pudgie. My sister and I were friends with Pudgie's children growing up and this picture reminds me of our times camping together during the summer when we were small (I don't have any pictures of us camping, sigh...). I love it when I get to use a piece of paper or an embellishment that I just didn't think I had any use for before. For some reason, the patterned paper in this layout just wasn't "doin' it" for me. It came from a 2010 Scarlet Lime kit, which I normally adore, but this paper just didn't appeal to me. As usual when looking for paper to go with a photo, I just start rummaging through my stash, waiting for something to jump out at me and catch my eye. Well, today it was this paper! This paper was pretty busy so I combined it with some other minimal accents from Melody Ross (transparent swirl with crystals), Jenni Bowlin (butterfly) and a flower (some brand carried by Michaels). It's not my favorite layout of all time, but I am glad I finally got this picture scrapped!

Carter's 3rd B-day...forgot one!

I forgot a page! it shows some details from the party, the handmade invitation, cake, decor...

Pages of Carter's 3rd Birthday!

I am ALWAYS behind on scrapbooking. I think the fact that I have Carter's 3rd birthday pages done only 4 months after his birthday is pretty impressive! He picked out his dinosaur decorations all by himself and was s0 excited to see his dinosaur cake (from grocery store, why try and out do that which Publix has perfected). He had a great time!

Family Photo Day

In honor of my husband's father's 60th B-day, the entire family set out for a photo shoot at the beach. While the photographer was taking pictures of others, I took advantage of the gorgeous setting to take some pictures of my own. Of course, I am not in any of them!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Scrapbook Deals 4 U - August 2010

Here are some pages I made using the Scrapbook Deals 4 U August 2010 kit. This club offers 3 different kits to choose from each month. Each kit features 1 new manufacturer's line with a few assorted coordinating goodies sprinkled in. I just joined this club a few months ago because they featured a paper line I just could not find anywhere else. I have really liked the fact that I have three different kits I could choose from each month. In August I choose the kit featuring the Echo Park "Sweet Summertime" collection. Echo Park is a new company that just came to the scrapbooking scene and has made a big impression with this first line.
So the pages feature a visit from my sister Beth and Byron. We sat at a restaurant on the beach drinking the prettiest, fruitiest summer cocktails. Another page shows Tyler playing an impromptu game of kickball all by himself. Hi lack of agility is obvious from his kicking techniques as displayed in these photos. And lastly, some photos if Carter playing in the sand on a recent boating trip with the Foster Family.

Kit Clubs - Scrapbook Sussies

I belong to four different scrapbook kit clubs. Every month they send me an array of goodies from different manufacturers that they have coordinated. Usually when I get these kits in the mail, I split everything up an refile in my own system. Most of the items never get used together as a kit, as they were intended. But, this month I did things a little differently. I made pages using the contents of the kits, adding only minimal items from my own stash. If you like to scrapbook, but don;t have anything more than a Michael's or Joanne's to get product from, or don't like to do the work of coordinating, then a kit club is a great idea. I have a local store nearby, but I can't resist getting these presents in the mail each month. I think it stems from my Mom's habit of ordering clothes through catalogs. It was always so exciting to come home and see a package had arrived!

These pages were done using the August 2010 Scarpbook Sussies kit. I love the Sussies kits and have been a member for almost two years. Sussies kits are two-sided. Each side is based with a particular line of paper from a single manufacturer. August included new releases from Bella Blvd. and We R Memory Keepers. The kit is really embellishment heavy (the best part about scrapbooking if you ask me!) and the owner gets creative pulling coordinating embellishments from all different manufacturers.

Two of the pages were from a fun-filled day we spent with the Foster Family on their boat. I also snuck in a page from Carter's 3rd Birthday. His big day fell in the middle of the week, so that night we just had a leftover cupcake from the ones I sent to school with him and one present. The rest had to wait until his birthday party.

I hope you like them!

Scrapbook Pages....Finally!

The scanning software finally came and now I can post my creations for you to see!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why no scrapbook pages yet?

'Cause I just got around to ordering the scanning software...

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Last night was Tyler's new school year orientation. I can't believe Kindergarten is already here for him. We started the night out in the cafeteria for a pep ralley, bought a school spirit T-shirt and some yummy, sticky blue cotton candy.

Tyler finds his seat in his new classroom

Tyler sitting in the reading nook of the classroom

The calssroom
Ty is SO excited for the new school year. I hope that love of school continues for him. In fact, so is Carter. Unfortunately he has 2 more years before school!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dan hired TWO new nannies!!!

They have great references and the boys seems to really love them...so does Dan.
I went scrapbooking for the day and hubby took the kids to Family Fun Day at the Dolphins Training Camp. Looks like they had fun, huh?