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Monday, January 31, 2011

Scrapping School Photos

I love to scrapbook, almost obsessively.   But I have the hardest time scrapbooking those pictures you get from the daycare or school.  I have my own system for these photos.  I frame the newest 8x10.  I frame a 5x7 of the old one that I just replaced with and 8x10 of the new one, and then the old 8x10 goes into a big envelope and waits for me to get around to scrapping it.  It usually waits for years.

As in this case.  I just got around to scrapping daycare photos from almost 3 years ago!  Oh well.  20 years from now will my kids care that I waiting 3 years and that the pages are mixed with layouts from when they were 3 and 6.  Doubt it.  Will my two boys even want their scrapbooks (all estimated 50 volumes each, LOL) when they are grown?  Who knows, who cares.  I scrap for me!

Anywho...here are the layouts.  I used mostly the "Life is Good" collection from  Echo Park Paper Company.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sissy!

This year is a big birthday year for my sister, Beth.  I can't reveal her age though.  I'm too afraid she will hold me down and tickle (more like torture) me until I fart.  What, all big sisters don't do that to their little sisters??? :)

So, happy birthday, Sissy!  I love you and miss you and wish we lived closer together.

In honor of our sisterhood, I thought I would return the favor and post some layouts of you from the past years.  I hope they don't make you fart.

In May 2007, Beth came for a visit to meet her newest nephew.

Beth with her nephews in May 2007.

All of us at a "family reunion" of sorts in April 2010.

Bet and Byron doing some hiking.  Sometimes I don't believe we are actually sisters!

Beth and Byron on their Florida trip in April 2010.

Some fun pics or our reunion in April 2010.  Mrs. C, Beth, Dad and Me.

Beth and Byron with their nephews in April 2010.

Byron, Me, Dan and Beth enjoying some adult beverages in April 2010.

I hope you enjoy you special day!  Much love, tons of hugs and even a kissy for my Sissy!

Luv ~ Allie

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Scrapbook Circle Featured My Layout!!!!

I'm super excited.  I just checked the blog over at Scrapbook Circle and saw that they featured a layout of mine using their December 2010 kit!!!!!  I'm in heaven right now.  I just received their January 2011 kit and can't wait to scrap with it and post some new layouts to their Facebook page.  Their a great kit club.  Not only are the kits always beautifully coordinated and stuffed full of the newest and coolest stuff, but they have a design team that puts my work to shame but provides TONS of inspiration!  Plus, they have a great interactive community of subscribers on Facebook.

Here's the layout that was featured.  It's about how we decorate for the holidays and some decor that means alot to me because it was part of my home as a child and is now a part of my own for my family to enjoy.

Since I'm on the subject of the Scrapbook Circle December kit, here's another layout I made with it.  The above layout made me start to think of my Mom, so I did a layout of us together on Christmas Eve in 1999.  My Mom always worked so hard to make the holidays special and I wanted to make sure I got that documented.

I hope you enjoyed my layouts!  Leave me some lovin' if you did!

Family Time

Family is important.

I didn't realize that when I was a teenager and would much rather be at the mall with my friends rather than hanging with "the fam".  But that's normal, right?

I actually don't think I realized it until I was blessed with a little family of my own.  I think that is normal too.  Having kids puts a lot in perspective.

Just wanted to share some family photos from this weekend.  Nothin' scrappy to show for the weekend, too busy spending time with my family!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Scrapbook Circle - September 2010 Kit Layouts

I previously posted a few layouts I made with this kit, but have just recently gotten around to making a few more layouts with it that I would like to share with you!

Bike Ride Layouts

Back in October, I posted about a bike ride we took the boys on.  This weekend I completed the following layouts from this day.  Over the past few years I have accumulated LOTS of scrapping goodies, more than I can probably ever use!  So, when creating these layouts, I challenged myself to use as much older product as possible, some dated back to 2007.  None of the items, other than some of the letters were from 2010 releases.  Combined with a few "newer" items, these oldies but goodies look pretty good!

I liked this last one so much that I hung it up in my scraproom.