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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall is Here!

Living in South Florida there is little indication that a new season has arrived.  So instead of looking towards the Weather Channel, we look for the first pumpkin sightings.   Yesterday, a sunny HOT 85 degree day, we traveled north on SR7 to Bedners Farm Fresh Market in Boynton Beach.  Luckily, we arrive early (a necessity when you have kids that still require afternoon naps) because by the time we were leaving the farm at 11:30 it was packed.  They have an indoor market with the most beautiful fruits and veggies, the smell in there is absolutely delicious!

Outside, the market they had several booths set up selling handmade goodies and trinkets.  We bought some Pumpkin Bread and have devoured half of the loaf as of today!  There were several fall themed displays, perfect for taking some pictures!

They have a tractor ride that circles the farm and then brings you to pumpkin patch.

The pumpkin "patch" was nestled in with the cucumber plants and they were PERFECT.  No misshaped on rotting pumpkins here!  We let the boys each pick their own pumpkin (but the rule was they had to be able to carry it themselves) and we got 1 big "family pumpkin".

We really had a wonderful time.  If you live in the Southeast Florida, I recommend going there was a seasonal family outing.  We like to go to several pumpkin patches before Halloween, so let me know if you no of any others!

This morning, I sent the kids outside with their pumpkins and some washable paints and let them get crafty (i.e. messy).  They really enjoyed painting their own pumpkins!

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