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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tyler's 6th Birthday

Like most celebrities, Tyler's 6th birthday included a full weekend of partying.  Saturday we made a trip down to Zoo Miami.  If you like in South Florida and are looking for something to do with the kids, this zoo is worth the drive!  We met Diego, fed some giraffes and rode a camel.  What more could a 6 year old and his 3 year old brother want???

Later Saturday night, we went for a kid-friendly dinner at Steak n Shake, the boys got to have milk shakes and then we went home to watch "Bee Movie" as a family.  The boys love movie night!

Sunday was Tyler's birthday party.  We had a morning visit with Papaw and Gramma Dee.  They brought Tyler the new Hess truck with the jet carrier.  Pretty cool I must admit.

The party guests included the usual attendees, LOTS of family and some friends that just like family.  I don't do a good job of getting pictures of anything other than the cake and presents because I'm usually pretty busy at these events!

Let's start with the birthday decor.  Tyler asked for a "Handy Manny" birthday since Carter's party in May.  Apparently Handy Manny is not a popular guy because the only place I could find his birthday line was on the internet.

Handy Manny is so unpopular that I couldn't find a cake.  So Scooby Doo it was!
  I swear Publix cakes are the best birthday cakes ever!!!

Then it was present time.  Of course Carter had to get in on the fun!  Poor little guy had a rough time having all the attention on his big brother!  We gave Ty a Leapster Explorer so he got lots of games for it, some clothes (including the PJ's we can always count on Aunt Mar' for!), Operation (remember this game?) and lots of books.

Tyler and Me (Mommy).
 Tyler and Dan (Daddy).
Each birthday, I do a little "photo shoot" of the birthday boy in the backyard.  I love doing this right before their party, the kids are so excited I can always get a real smile from them.  You can see their excitement.  Here's one of my favorite shots.

So, you would think that was the end of the celebrating, right??? Nope.  On Monday, Tyler's class celebrated his birthday AND he received an award for perfect attendance (that's my boy)!

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