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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Feast is Over...the day after

OK, not too bad.  Was careful with the drinking yesterday so this morning wasn't so bad.  I went shopping at 6am with my SIL, but not for Xmas gifts...we have a wedding tomorrow and can always use something new to wear!!!

I just wanted to share some pictures from yesterday.  Enjoy!

 The boys and our Thanksgiving "photo shoot".  We do alot of these in our house!  I can't get the little one to get rid of his "cheese" smile.

 Little Turkeys:

Mama Turkey and the little ones:

Basting the turkey with Daddy:

Baby Jason (his little shirt under the bib said "I'm Stuffed"!

 The kids table:

Dad saying grace:

 Dan digging into the turkey:

 Chowing down:

Mom and Dad:

Dan and myself:

Carter and Poppa:

Two Stuffed Turkeys (BIL's Mike and Mark).  Yes, the matching shirts WERE planned!

Adie, my SIL:

So, you can see it was a full house yesterday AND FOR THAT I AM THANKFUL!

Hope you had a wonderful day as well!

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