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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Trimming the Tree

Last night we trimmed our 8 foot Christmas tree.  It's fake and pre-lit....what can you do?  We live in South Florida and the real trees suck!  Plus with a dog, we would never be able to keep the tree hydrated.  Too much work!

The boys get so excited when they see Dan dragging the tree out of the garage.  I think it signal to them that Christmas is close!  We let the boys hang all the nonbreakable ornaments (most of them are) and Dan and myself hang the fragile ones up higher out of reach of the little ones' hands.  My favorite part is unwrapping all the ornaments that we have for each of the kids and our "family ornament", one for each year with our names and the year written on them.  My mom used to do this for me.  I still have most of them and they really mean something special to me.

Maybe later in the month I will share some pics of our holiday decor but for now I'm just happy that the tree is up!

Then it was time for a photo shoot!!!!!  My boys were bribed with promises of candy canes...

You can't stop it, it's futile to even try...Christmas is on its way!!!

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