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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

Well, I took the day off today to get ready for the huge feast we will be hosting tomorrow.  First off the list, a shopping trip to Costco and Winn Dixie.  Not as crazy as one would expect.  For that I am thankful.  Then a trip to Party City for festive paper goods.  I will never wait until the day before again to run this errand.  Everything was picked over and I had a hard time matching all the stuff.  Then it was home to bake.  This year I made a caramel dutch apple pie and a fudgy, caramel, chocolate cheesecake.  Can you say yum-o?  I bought a pumpkin pie from Win Dixie which is against all I hold sacred, but my pie last year wasn't such a big hit with the guests!

I did a lot of decorating this year since we are hosting and this year I added some hand made decor as well.   First, I made some banners.  It is nearly impossible of a shot of the entire banner and have enough detail to see what it says.  The first banner says "GIVE THANKS".

This was super easy to make.  The leaves are foam cutouts from Michaels.  I just added the patterned paper and the letters.

The next banner says "HAPPY THANKSGIVING".  It is made from the same foam cutout leaves as the banner above.  I also hung some other leaves from various spots on the banner.

In the background you can see the chandelier decorations I made.  I wrapped the chandelier in our dining room with an autumn leaf garland and hung some autumn shapes (leaves and acorns) from ribbon.  Here's a close up.  I love how festive this looks!

I made a two-sided banner for my kitchen doorway.  One side says "TURKEY", appropriate, huh?

And the other side says "GOBBLE".

Lastly, I made some hanging decor featuring pictures of us from the pumpkin patch this year..  These are my favorite.

 Here's Carter:

 Here's Tyler:

Here's my little family:

Well, that's it for the handmade Thanksgiving decor.  Time to take my pie out of the oven!

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