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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Play Date

This past Sunday we had a nice play date with the Foster and Stevenson families.  The men enjoyed some football and the ladies enjoyed the beautiful weather in our backyard with the 7 kids (1 - 6 years old).  The kids all played together and gave us gals some time to chat.  Boy, it makes me realize that I need some "Girl Time" every now and then!

The kids enjoyed painting a large mural.  Thank God for washable paints!

Isn't is a beautiful work of art?  This was the cutest group of artists I've ever seen!

They also had some good old fashioned fun playing in the sandbox (we made sure the sand was "fresh" just for the occasion!)  We had no shovels or pails, so we gave the kids plastic cups, spoons and forks.  They didn't care and had fun filling the cups with sand and then dumping them on the lawn (that may have been done by my boys exclusively)...

We also got the kids into the Thanksgiving spirit by making some foam turkeys that they could take home with them.  Peel and stick craft foam is truly one of the best inventions ever!

One of the kids is missing from the pics, since he is a little guy and too small to hang with the big kids.  But he is too cute to not share a picture of!

So, all in all we had a wonderful day together.  We are surely going to do this more often!

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