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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Love is in the Air!

Happy 2 year anniversary to my "sista from another mista" (my sister-in-law) Adrienne and her super terrific hubby, Mike. I thought I was all cool and wished her a happy anny yesterday, only to find out I was a day too early! You would never believe I was her Matron-of-Honor. Well, the truth is, she made me stand up and give a speech at her reception and I have never recovered from it!

So, in honor of this special day, I would like to share a page I made about a month ago celebrating the total awesomeness and absolute cuteness of this amazing couple! Most items came from the May (i think) 2009 Scarlet Lime kit. i love the bright, cheery colors of these Scarlet Lime exclusive pictures.

Hope you guys enjoy your anniversary. Hope I didn't interrupt!

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