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Monday, August 30, 2010

Take Two! Tyler's 6th Day of Kindergarten

So I wasn't in town for Ty's 1st day of kindergarten. Mommy had to leave for a conference in Orlando the day before. So, I decided to take our "1st Day of School" pictures this morning before the bus came...before the sun came up. I'm not too sure if I like how they came out, so maybe we'll have a take 3 this weekend!

How was Ty's 1st week you ask? It was great! His teacher is Ms. Genovese ("Nenoves" as Ty calls her) and we are also lucky to have an aid, Ms. Robinson, in the class to help Tyler out. I met with them both last Friday and they both were very attentive to my concerns for Tyler and helping him have a successful school year. After his first day, he came home with an "A+" on his coloring work. Watch out Bill Gates! I am going to his open house tomorrow night.
While we are on the topic of learning, Tyler apparently knows how to use a computer! Dan went to pick the boys up from daycare and Tyler was playing a counting game on one of the computers in the media center. He asked Dan to go get Carter 1st and then come back for him. Umm, I didn't teach him how to use a computer...my only computer is my work laptop...no sticky fingers touching my computer! Dan had pretty much the same response. So, it MUST be from daycare. And people say daycare isn't good for kids??? I can admit that most of the things my kids have learned have been from daycare and preschool.

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