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Monday, December 20, 2010

My 36th Birthday

I celebrated my 36th birthday over this past weekend and at 36 I still get a birthday party complete with decorations, cake and presents!  I think it is so fun and I have decided that I want little girl themes for my birthday celebrations.  This year I had Disney Princess decor with a Tinkerbell/Fairies cake!  My MIL is so awesome that she does these parties for all the "kids"!  She makes you  meal of whatever you request!  I love her sauce so I requested a pasta dinner and it was delicious!

Here's some pictures of my party!

My awesome MIL and me!

My 2 SIL's and me:

A gift from Mark and Mel. I'm going to use to hold some of my camera peripherals:

A purse from Adie and Mike in one of my favorite colors:

Some sexy boots from my MIL and FIL:

A Disney Fairy cake:

Blowing out my 1 enormous candle:

The Disney Princess party decorations:

It was so much fun!  My hubby also took me to Miami to see the Nutcracker Ballet which was fantastic and made me wish for a little girl to take to see it!  My work Holiday Party was also this weekend, so I did a lot of celebrating!

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