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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Deacon Jerry

My FIL was ordained as a deacon on December 4th.  This was a huge undertaking for him and we are so proud that he heard his calling and put forth the commitment and effort necessary.  You Go Dad!  Here are a few pictures of the special event and the celebrations that ensued that weekend!

I made this poster for the gift table.  It was pretty easy to do and I think it turned out great!

My FIL making a speech.

My MIL and FIL cutting the cake.  Almost like their wedding all over again!

Here our us "kids" making a speech.  I was of course taking the photos!

 MIL and FIL cutting a rug.  The party was so much fun, they had a DJ!  I did the Electric Slide and the Macarena!!!

This is my FIL trying out the gift from his kids.  It has little children embroidered on it.  My SIL Melanie did the leg work on finding this perfect gift.

Melanie, Mom and Adie.  Aren't they three pretty ladies?


Here we are the next day at my FIL and MIL's church.  He performed his first service as an official Deacon!  In this photo he is giving communion to my BIL, Mark, and blessing his son, my nephew, Jason.

My FIL, doin' his thing.

FIL and MIL.  My MIL was beyond proud.  Can't say I blame her!

It was a really special event in my FIL's life and we were all so happy to be a part of it.

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