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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sissy!

This year is a big birthday year for my sister, Beth.  I can't reveal her age though.  I'm too afraid she will hold me down and tickle (more like torture) me until I fart.  What, all big sisters don't do that to their little sisters??? :)

So, happy birthday, Sissy!  I love you and miss you and wish we lived closer together.

In honor of our sisterhood, I thought I would return the favor and post some layouts of you from the past years.  I hope they don't make you fart.

In May 2007, Beth came for a visit to meet her newest nephew.

Beth with her nephews in May 2007.

All of us at a "family reunion" of sorts in April 2010.

Bet and Byron doing some hiking.  Sometimes I don't believe we are actually sisters!

Beth and Byron on their Florida trip in April 2010.

Some fun pics or our reunion in April 2010.  Mrs. C, Beth, Dad and Me.

Beth and Byron with their nephews in April 2010.

Byron, Me, Dan and Beth enjoying some adult beverages in April 2010.

I hope you enjoy you special day!  Much love, tons of hugs and even a kissy for my Sissy!

Luv ~ Allie

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  1. Those are some seriously good LO's there. Good stuff!